WTS 112m PVP pilot and 54M small ship pilot

112M Pilot:(SOLDED)

one set High-grade Amulet and 1008
one set High-grade Crystal
one set High-grade Snake
ALL PVP skills. 4 Battleship V、4 cruiser V、4 Marauder V、Revelation Navy Issue V、weapon V /
A/C/M/ T3C V/
NONE Trade Skills
please visit the char link
starting bid 90B B/O:110B

54M pilot

one set Mid-grade Amulet and 1005
Cruiser V / Destoryer V / frigare V / 4 cruiser V / Fleet support V /Cyno V / G t3c V / Scan V
please visit the char link
none weapon skills.
it’s use Commonly used for catching enemy

Please refer to the skill points in the character link, my English is not very good :joy:

Two pilot are Positive Wallet / No Kill Rights / Positive Rep/
NPC Corp

Every Character, which i for Sale, has to confirm with his own Forumsaccount in this Thread, that he is for sale.
We will monitor this for ne next 24h - if the second Character does not confirm the Sale within this Period, we will close here.

Hi ,administrators , I confirm that my character needs to sold

90b for yeungCn

upupup :lying_face:

I offer 95b for yeungCn

fine .duel with 95 b .
I will immediately transfer my role upon receiving ISK and account emails

I have transfered 95b ISK YeungCn and have sent the account name for transfer. thanks

ISK received it, the char is transfering

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