WTS - 114M SP - JF 5/Caldari-Gallente Freigther 5/Rorqual/Thanatos 4/Capital Builder

(Luke Skymining) #1

:arrow_forward: CHARACTER SHEET :arrow_backward:
Clone With +4 Implants
Positive Security Status.
No Killrights.
4 Jumpclones.
Character in HS.
With 1 Remaps Avaliable.

NPC Corp Standing:
6.7 - HZO Refinery
6.7 - Corporate Police Force

Eveboard: http://eveboard.com/pilot/Luke_Skymining

:crown: DRONES :crown:
Fighter Hangar Management V
Fighters V
Excelent Skills in V

:crown: SHIELDS :crown:
ALL Shield Compensation V
Shield Management V
Shield Operation V
Shield Upgrades V
Tactical Shield Manipulation V

:crown: ENGINEERING :crown:
Capacitor Management V
Capacitor Systems Operation V
CPU Management V
Electronics Upgrades V
Energy Grid Upgrades V
Power Grid Management V

:crown: NAVIGATION :crown:
Jump Drive Calibration V
Jump Drive Operation V
Jump Fuel Conservation V

:crown: SPACESHIP COMMAND :crown:
Advanced Spaceship Command V
Capital Ships V
Gallente Carrier IV
Gallente Freighter V
Caldari Freighter V
Jump Freighters V

Anchoring V

Bidding starts at 100B
B/O: 120b

(Yonoa) #2

Friendly bump

(Iva Stark) #3

90 Bil

(Perpetualed) #4

93 billion

(Iva Stark) #5

94 bil

(Perpetualed) #6

95 billion.

(Iva Stark) #7

96 bil

(Luke Skymining) #8

Bid Annotated.

(Maizie Fields) #9

97 bil

(Luke Skymining) #10

Bid Annotated.

(Luke Skymining) #11

Daily bump

(Dilma Opper) #12

friendly bump

(TxivYawg1) #13

97.5 bil

(Luke Skymining) #15

Malzle Fleds,
bid accepted, please send ISK and account name.

(Perpetualed) #16

What happened to @TxivYawg1’s bid of 97.5b?

(Maizie Fields) #17

ISK and account info has been sent. Thanks, Luke!!

(Luke Skymining) #18

Hi Perpetualed,
He did not respond during the 24 hour period, so I decided to accept the second valid offer.


Hi Maizie Fields,
Character transfer started.
Account: To*******5
Payment: 39*****2
Wait for the character to be completely transferred.

(system) #19

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