WTS - 78 mill SP PvP Subcap Pilot Gal/Min Focused

HI! I’m for sale!!

Positive sec status
Remap: Available
Loaction: Rens
Wallet: Positive
Jump Clones: Highsec
Kill Rights: None


Character has 88 skills @ level 5
DAYS AWAY FROM GALLENTE & MINMATAR CAPITAL SHIPS - only requires injection of capital ships skills and related carrier/dread skillbooks.
ALL JUMP SKILLS @ LVL 5 including Jump Fuel Conservation (sexy right??? I know!)
Comes with Mid-Grade Slave set

Starting bid price of 70bill
B/O - 78bill
~Lowball offers will be promptly ignored as I am in no hurry to sale~

66 BIL

70b offer

70bill offer is appreciated, I will give 24 hours from this post for more offers. If no other offers are in I will accept.

70bill bid accepted, awaiting isk and account info

isk and account info sent
Awaiting confirmation

Isk and account name received.
Character being transferred through EVE’s account transfer service and should be playable within 24 hours!

Thanks so much!

email confirmation received
much thanks
Fly smart

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