WTS 121 M SP Pilot Fix price

pilot in hi sec,
positive wallet,
positive sec status,
fighter V, heavy fighter, IV, Gallente Carrier, Amar Dread,
very good jump, scan skills,
clones implants as given,
Total 3 remap (2 bonus +1 normal)
+5 full implant set injected + %10 alchemy
fix price b/o: 86 b

i will pay transfer fee,
i m selling only char and for only for isk,





70 bil offer

82b minimum bid value thank you,


75b maybe?

78b If there is a gap between my quotation and your price, please tell me directly

all mails responded, thank you

Sorry, the highest acceptable level is 82B. If you change your mind one day, please email me as soon as possible. Thank you

bump up

70 bil b/o

start bid 82b isk,

thank you.

80 bil my first and final offer

82b offer

Thank you for your decent offer,
in game mail sent,


In game mail sent.

i don’t understand what’s with all these “in game” “decent offer”. must be a teaming-up scam. count me out, offer retracted!!

fix price entered char sale ongoing,
thank you,