WTS Carrier pilot, 125M SP born 2006

125M SP, dob: 2006-04-22. Allround char with 3 clones with 2 x High Grade Asklepian and 1 x High Grade Amulet. 3,9Mil in wallet. Char in NPC corp. Positive Wallet. No kill rights. Located in Murini 0.6. SEC status 5.0
Link to skills: https://skillboard.eveisesi.space/users/62305e46e28b4407f482e21cac60698693fd24ee

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81 bil b/o

82 b/o

Hello fellow pilots, there was a time when I spent a lot of time in Eve, unfortunately life happened and I took a break. However, this char has a good spread of skillpoints and can be used in a multitude of ways.
Put this guy in a Vargur and he will snipe the hell of an enemy 110km of a gate, put him in a Vindicator and he will pulverise rats instantly. Put him in a Marshal and achieve 1300 DPS, and so on.

I will accept a bid of 100BIL, less than that is not really worth for me.

83 Bil

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90B offer

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Thank you for your bid, Ann co, add another 9B and it’s yours.


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Thank you for your bid, I’ll wait a little to see what happens.

Hi, I will accept your bid and you pay transfer fee. Is that acceptable?

That’s not how it works, Chief.

YOU pay the transfer fee.

So did we have a deal there at 91bil or not?

Hi Wormik and thank you for reply. Considering the fact that I need to pay the 20$ fee for transfer, I’d think that 93bill is a fair price. What do you think?

I can offer 92b b/o

I accept your offer