WTS 114M SP Subcap Pilot

In NPC corp
Positive wallet
No kill rights
Character in high sec

Has 2 Mid Grade Crystal sets and 1 Mid Grade Snake set, all located 1 jump out of HS.

B/O - 100B
Starting Bid - 80B

not viewable. Update settings on the skillq site.

Thanks for that! Should be fixed now.

80b buy now

Thanks for the offer


Thanks for the offer

85b offer

Thanks for the offer, realistically not letting it go for anything less than the 90s.

then 90b offer, valid for 24h

Will end the sale to the highest bidder at 10pm MDT tomorrow then. You have it currently dogma at 90b.

Dogma, yours is still highest at 90b with a little less than four hours to go.

You win, send account name and isk and I’ll initiate transfer soon

sure, i’ll do that after getting off work, in about 8 hours

isk and account info sent in game

Character transfer started

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