Wts 117 sp awesome subcap

Ok , im still in touch with mine , he needs an hour , lets see what he does.

Good luck. I’ve submitted a support ticket and an email regarding this issue. Hopefully it will be taken care of expeditiously.

Ill bet 100m on it being a scam

@Absolute_Truth Hey , Did you receive the toon yet?

You both got scammed. As did that third post we found. Open your support ticket

ask him for a screenshot of his total skills. Bet you he already started extracting and will leave convo (that’s what happened with me)

Well i already left convo bc he said he will start transfer , so i told him i will keep in touch with his other toon but nothing yet and also he didnt show the receip of transfer yet.

I’d file a support ticket. Good luck.

Yes i did .

Never got the email confirmation and the seller isn’t responding to mail/convo. I already put in a ticket and emailed support.

So you didnt receive the toon ? well i already send a ticket too.

Message me if you come across high sp combat toon

@dron_Sabezan Please reply with a confirmation if you started the transfer as per the character bazaar rules.

@ISD_Yumi I haven’t received the confirmation email from the seller and have made numerous attempts to contact him in-game. My support ticket number is #607787. Any help you can offer in terms of bringing this to CCP’s attention would be greatly appreciated. It seems this guy has scammed quite a few people as of late.

I’ve already passed it off and forwarded to CCP so they can take a look at the threads in question. That’s about all I can do and suggest that anyone who has bought a toon but have not received anything back to submit a support ticket as well so it can get taken care of.

As to how long it will take for the tickets depends on anything that has to be looked into or investigated.

I have still yet to hear anything from CCP regarding my ticket. The character now shows as extracted down to 5m SP on eve board. @ISD_Eshtir

Thanks! Closing this thread too. Pending GM investigation.