WTS 118.4M SP Pilot 2010 Character

Who’s for sale? Nobody Nose


  • Positive Wallet
  • No Kill Rights
  • Currently sitting in Jita 4-4 / In NPC Corp
  • 3 Bonus Remaps available
  • 4 JC in High Sec (1 clone has Genolution CA1/CA2/Mining Foreman Mindlink).
  • 1 JC in 0.0 Syndicate 3KNK-A (NPC Station)

CCP Rules Apply, looking for best offer

95B offer,isk in hand

Hi Elsa - would you do 100B?

Sry,this my final offer

Ok, I had to ask :slight_smile: I’ll accept - send ISK and account info and I’ll start the transfer.

isk sent,wait char

Transfer in progress - thanks and good luck!

Thanks a lot!

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