WTS 11M Miner/Hauler/Orca pilot

10,926,787 Skillpoints

Bonus Remaps available: 2

Orca Pilot
Exhumer Ready
Gallente Hauler V
Short train time to Rorqual

Positive wallet
*Located in Jita
No Kill Rights
0.0+ Security status
Member of an NPC Corporation (Skillboard may reflect player corp but its in an npc corp now)

I pay the transfer after isk is paid.
I reserve the right to end the auction at any time.

Make me an offer

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2.4b, for my offer.

3 bil

3.4b is my updated offer

3.5 bil

4 bil

4.2 :slight_smile:

5 b BO .


5.5 bo

bump 6 b

Is this still for sale?

Curious as well if it is still for sale?

So is it? :slight_smile:

7 bill

7.5 B

i offer 8b.

thank you offer accepted, please message me to finish the sale

Last offer hasn’t been confirmed yet so i’m still up for sale