SOLD WTS Pretty Hauler Miner near Orca Director 5 PI 11m

Hi, i am thinking in sell myself.

11,083,612 Skillpoints

Mining Foreman V
Mining Director IV near V
Interplanetary Consolidation V
Command Center Upgrades V
Caldari Frigate V (thinking in be cyno later)
Minmtar Cruiser IV (two days to five, thinking in be cyno)
Gallente Industrial V
Transdport ships IV - dst capable
Advanced spaceship command V - thinking in be freighter / JF
Mining Barge V

She is in high sec, no killing rights. The account exprire in two days and i am thinking in sell her because with scarcity not nned a cyno / hauler anymore.

I take offer anddeliver tomorrow friday NIGHT, i work turns of 24 * 24 hours in real life.

If interested, answer the thread, not reading the eve mail.

Any Assets?

No, can te e included in the deal. Only the uniform i am using.

Skillboard isnt working

orrected. i cant understand whi is private for default.

3 bil offer

4 bil offer

4.2 bill offer

4.3 bil

Thanks for the offers. My b/o is 4.5 currently, and i know is a low price but need free the space.

Okay, I will buy for 4.5

Send the isk and account and i transfer her in eight hours when i return from work

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Okay will do thanks. have a good day

Isk and mail sent

char transferred, please confirm the eve preal world email or receiving the character.


Haven’t received an email or the character as of now, how long does it usually take?

ten hours the character passing the moment of the transfer. The mail sometimes dont come, because ccp problems. I think you receive the character one hour passing the daily reset.

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