SOLD (6,2M SP ORCA toon + Mining Foreman V - FOCUSED)

(Groov) #1


I am for sell
pw: 1234


  • Industrial Command Ships IV

  • ORE Industrial III

  • Industry V

  • Shield Operation V

  • Shield Upgrades V

  • Leadership V

  • Mining Foreman V

  • CPU Management V

  • Capacitor Systems Operation V

  • Electronics Upgrades V

  • Power Grid Management V

  • Drones V

  • Mining Drone Operation III

  • some probing skills


  • no killrights
  • pos sec stat
  • pos wallet
  • in highsec
  • 2x Remap Available


Start bid: 5 B
BO: 8B

(Kaelzor Blackhook) #2

5 b/o

(Biz Wiz) #3

5.5b isk ready

(Bobby Bloodsworth) #4

5.6b ready

(Ronni Ormand) #5


(Groov) #6

Thank you for yours bids guys, but i looking for little more.

(Bobby Bloodsworth) #7

5.8b b/o

(Frodel Beit-Lehem) #8

6B bid…

(Groov) #9

Anyone offer a sum between 6.5B - 7B? I’m ready to sell for such an offer

(Groov) #10

bumb. im still for sale.

(I Brought Biscuits) #11

6.1b, sorry, but that is all i have

(Groov) #12

ok, offer accepted. Send me isk and account name. thx

(I Brought Biscuits) #13

k, just saw this, isk and acct will be there in a few mins, ty

(I Brought Biscuits) #14

check your mail, the first eve mail is wrong, please ship to acct with the 2 on the end

(Groov) #15

Isk and acc name received.
Ticket filed.
Waiting for CCP now.

Thank you for the transaction

(Steamy Piles) #16

rgr ty

(system) #17

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