WTS me! (12.6m Hulk/Orca pilot, Foreman 5)

Hello all,

So I’ve been gone for a while… like a long while. Been following some of the most recent expansions and it looks like a good time to jump back into Eve. I have a couple of characters that I had been using some time ago for industry/mining, this one being one of them. He was pretty purpose built (at the time) to fly Exhumers and Orcas and do some PI on the side, and has a pretty tight skill set to support them with long term plans for a Rorqual that never got completed.


  • 12.6m SP
  • Mining Foreman 5
  • Industry/Advanced Industry 5
  • 3.08m SP in Resource Processing
  • Astrogeology 5, Reprocessing 5, Reprocessing Efficiency 5
  • Exhumer and Orca ready

EveSkillBoard Link:

Character is in High Sec, positive wallet balance, no kill rights; this guy has literally been mothballed for years.

I’m still doing some research to find out what a decent price would be for a character like this, but if it sounds like something you might be interested, shoot me a line!

6 bill

Based on injector/extractor calculations, the raw value of the extractable SP on this pilot is ~8.4b, not including specialization already performed. Afraid you’d have to do better than 6.

Can do 8 billion

10 Billion ISK

offer withdrawn

I can do 11 Billion. ISK is ready to go.

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