WTS 5m SP (Sold)

-Transfer ready
-Located in jita
-1 remap
-Positive wallet and sec status
-No kill rights

i offer 3.2b

Accepted, send me your account name + the isk and I’ll start the transfer.

@Oliver_Nobani if i were you, id ask for proof that he owns the character… considering the character being sold is the one supposed to make the thread

Give me a minute toi create an account.

i go to sent to that character anyway and price is reasonable. Good advice.

Hey I never agreed to be sold!
Kidding aside, my apologies, I thought I logged in with this character.

Isk sent to the female character, and account name sent to both, OP and female character.

Transfer initiated:

Character Name: Kal’issa Awen

Will be completed after: 10/17/2021 5:52:06 AM

Fly safe o7

Character transfer received.

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