8.5 B


Skins included:
Cold Iron skin for the Bestower, Impel, and Prorator
Amarr Industrial Livery for the Venture

320M +/- in sell orders being included with this sale (At the time of this writing, it tiks down slowly)

2 Jump Clones / No implants

Spaceship Command 5
Mining Frigate 5
Mining Barge 5
Amarr Industrial 5
Transport Ships 4

Many skills at 5 and 4s
Perfect entry point for someone looking to venture into Industry!

NO Kill Rights
Positive Wallet
Positive Sec Status
Docked in Jita

I receive the ISK, I pay the Transfer ($)

Still for sale.

Would you do 7 bil?


8 B

7.5 is the highest I’ll go. If you can do that I’ll be able to send the isk tonight.


I accept your offer of 7.5b ISK.

You state you’ll send the ISK tonight, I leave in a few hours and wont be back until tommorow night (US East) … I’ll confirm I received the ISK anf transfer character as soon as I return!

Does the character have to be transferred to this account/would I need to post with the account I want it transferred to? First time purchasing a character.

You DONT post your account info on this post, use this post to confirm our transactions!

Send me the account info you want me to transfer too once you send the ISK.

However, you must post on here with the character/account youre sending the isk from and receiving the toon on.

ISK Sent, Account info sent

Can confirm Brutus Kardde is me.


I confirm I have received 7.5 billion ISK and will transfer the character to the account info you provided as soon as I get back home tommorow night (Late US East)

I’ll update this post as soon as its done!

Are you going to be able to start the transfer tonight still?


Character has been transferred to the account info you provided.

Thank you and good luck in your endeavors!

03 Apr 2020 03:35
EVE Character transfer
Payment Method
Visa *

Transfer completed, all is well.

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