WTS 11M Rev Pilot-T2 modules!

Highlights: T2 modules/T1 Guns/Good Name
Amarr Dread III. Located in high sec, positive wallet and NO killmail/loss/corp history. Clean character!
I will pay the transfer in cash and wishing to receive at least 9.5Bil isk. B/O would be 11Bil.
ALL CCP rules apply


11.5 TO me

sry, didnt see the skill

Retracted. Didnt look at the skillboard

I’ll pay 11 , contact me from Ingame or Eve Mail.

I’ll pay 11.5B ,

offer accepted and ingame mail sent

Whose offer accepted?

Money has already been hit
Please transfer to this account :

Hmm, so higher bid after the b/o is met can override the b/o? Ok.

Did you start moving?

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