Wts 12 yr old 1.2mill char

wts 12 year old char 1.2mill sp


296k unallocated sp
0.0 sec
no kill
no losses
no implants

6bill b/o i pay via plex/support ticket

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6bill b/o

if you would still like, ill accept

6 Billion for a 1.2 million sp char? is that a typoe?

I hope it is, as 6 bill for 1.2 mill sp is worthless.

You’re buying the age of the toon. People like having an old character to either spy with, or pretend like they’re an old-bie.

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Please accept 4B.


I can offer 5B. Yes/No?


C’mon, is the character for sale or not?


If the character is still for sale, I will pay the 6B buyout.


Offer for Masion is withdrawn.

Thanks anyway



sorry was not around to reply before.

I will buy Masion , 6B BO.


OK, I accept

OK, great! I will transfer the 6B in game. I will also send a message to Masion that will include the account to transfer to.


Money and account name sent.

I will wait to hear from you and CCP.

-Thanks again.