WTS 123M Pilot Guns/Drones/SpCom/T3

@Megazor isk and account name sent

This could be intresting…

my offer is still available

@Supreme_Leader_JarJarBinks sorry for my absence, I’ll do the transfer today!

Sorry everybody else, JarJar and I struck a deal, but I was called away for a minute

@Supreme_Leader_JarJarBinks hey, i didn’t receive any ISK

@Furena_Kashuken @Rahr character still available for 67B/O

BO 67 b - Isk is send to Vovin69

ISK and accountname are supplied by ingame mail.

@Vovin69 , @Mezagog , Waiting for confirmation and transfer.

68 b b/o ready

i’m online with isk ready, please convo me if you’re ok

my offer is available until 23:59 pm

@Rahr ISK received, character transfered!

sorry for the confusion everyone, finals are this week :smiling_face_with_tear:

character sold!

Confirmed; Char transfer email received… Transfer is started.

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