WTS 123m SP

pwd: eve

123,597,710 + 25k unallocated SP, flies some capitals and a lot of subcaps.
All frig, destroyer, cruiser, BS V, as well as Recon, Logi, Interceptor, HAC, CovOps, Command, and all T3.
A lot of V in targeting, shields/armor (subcap V), nav (subcap + JDC and JDO), gunnery (subcap), fleet support, eng, drones.

NPC corp, will be at Jita station, positive wallet.

Has a few skins, 5 jumpclones: full Amulet with some gunnery hardwirings, and similar Amulet + gunnery set with Pashan (3+10 bil), and some empty.

Has bonus remap and I think cooldown is off.

Served in Gallente Military, and did a lot of incursions.

80 Bil

Seems significantly lower than extracting.


Daily bump

100B ??

Sounds good.

Cash and Information Sent.

Transfer initiated.