[WTS] 124+4.2mil SP Titan/SupCap/Many things pilot

BO 110B, available for 3 days until all contracts expire, sold to highest bidder then.
4.9 sec status, no kill rights, positive wallet etc as per usual.

Current JC in lowsec with HG Amulet set, other JC in highsec HG Crystal without Omega
Third JC in highsec with MG Nomad set
Other stat implants in bunch of other JCs.

Adding more photos later of LP and standings, has a bunch of those too.


If no better offer by the time the contracts expire (says 1d left) then its yours for 80b.


86b offer

95b offer

Contracts expire in 2 hours, im not home at that point so selling to highest bidder in like 4 hours when I get back home

@Shinsou_Tengen sold, waiting for contracts to finish expiring these times are never accurate ingame it seems… will initiate transfer once received isk/acc info and all these contracts have expired

Okay I’ll be home from work in 2 hours and will send it over

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@Feminator isk and info sent

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Thank you, transfer started.