[SOLD] 124.3M Perfect super carrier pilot + logi 5 and more


Positive wallet.
No kill rights.
In NPC corp.
Docked in Jita.
Positive Sec status.
2 Bonus re-maps.
5.1M free SP (get Caldari V carrier if you want)

High grade amulet - Perimeter TTT
Mid Grade Virtue - Jita

105B current high offer. Will give it a couple days till it closes.

107B Offer


still for sale?

Yes still for sale.

I will close the sale in 12 hours 10am pst. YESHENG is current highest offer.

isk is ready

PLS GIVE ME SOME ANSWER,tell me if you still want wait


Its the time

Offer cancel wast time

Relax man I work. I was just ending the bidding so you could get it. If you send me ingame mail with account and isk I’ll send it over

Sent a in game eve mail to YESHENG. If he doesn’t respond I can go with the next highest bidder.

for how much

For the original 115B offer. If not I can send it Cysss for 110B. I will check tonight for eve mail and isk and will move forward either way with depending on if you sent the isk.

Evemail sent requesting isk and account to Cysss for 110B

Sry,Already purchased another character, offer withdrawn

I will open offers back up for a couple days

Daily bump

What is the current offer