WTS 10 Mil SP Focused Carrier Toon!

Skills here

Pilot in JIta
Positive Wallet
Pos Sec Status
No Kill rights
Full Standard Implants
Remap Available in 2 months but 2 bonus remaps

Starting Bid 10 Bil
B/o 15 bil

10bil b/o

Sorry for not linking it orginally but I already got a 10bil offer here

10bil is my max so gl

Will sell if no more offers after a week

My bid of 10bil will expire at 1800 eve time

Alright, since no one seems to be interested I’ll accept. Send me isk and acc info. Will be transferring through plex. Might be a bit slow since I can’t seem to login due to the ddos attacks.

Isk and account name sent

Ticket has been submitted. Thank you!

Can you send me the ticket number on eve mail please pal

Can’t logon to eve right now but here is a screenshot. I don’t know why its taking so long it usually doesn’t take this long. Screenshot

Character has been transferred.

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