Wts 127 mill skill point char

no killrights positive isk wallet located in ihal Derelik


starting bid 100 bill.

Buyout 110 bill
I pay transfer fee.

Starting bid lowered to 100 bill due to slow interest. Buyout lowered to 110 bill.

I can bid 98 bil

98 billion is close if no higher bids within 24 hours he is yours

I’ve had a bid on alliance forum 110 bill.
If garrenden confirms on here before any other 110 bill bids he wins it.


Gattanera if no reply from the other guy before 24 hours is up you still interested?


Ok m8 I’m out with family just now I will be home in roughly 2 hours if he has not responded by then I’ll get you to send isk over if you are online.

110b. from Garreden. I will send you isk from this chartacter.

An EVE mail is also sent from this character.

isk is sent

Thanks I’m at work right now will be home in 7 hours when I will get ccp to start the transfer.

Transfer started think ccp take 10 hours to process

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