WTS 128m SP Pirate

Tom Karyon
128,389,478 mill skill points
Negative sec standing
positive wallet.
No kill rights
In Highsec


See my skills here Skills

Please don’t give me an offer way below what I can get if I just extracted the skills.

All CCP rules apply.

I am for sale

I am for sale

ill be back in about 10 hrs from the time of this message

Race Leader
Tom Karyon 73B
Kouhaku 51B

Thanks for the offer, but Its too low.

retracting offer, sorry

54b for kouhaku

Mail sent !

56 Bil offer for Kouhaku

Offer accepted, send isk and account details to Kouhaku :slight_smile:

Isk and account info sent !

Payment and details received, give me a few minutes to sort everything and will send it ASAP

Character sent, Transfer Receipt

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