WTS 18.5 Mil SP / PVP Focused toon

(slaveymc slaveface) #1

Sitting at a comfortable 18.5 mil with almost perfect gallente, small gunnery, engineering, drone, armor, shield and navigation skills, with roughly 100 million worth of implants. Solely PVP focused.
any offers?

(Kap Kann) #2

Confirming that this character is for sale.

(FrostyJack) #3


(Kap Kann) #4

sold! to FrostyJack for 11 bill! Send me your info :smiley:

(FrostyJack) #5

isk / account name sent

(GaryJ1 Hunan) #6

Also sell?

(GaryJ1 Hunan) #7


(Kap Kann) #8

unfortunately, found out there’s a restriction transfer the account until it’s 14 days old. Sorry for the inconvenience. I’ve already transferred the isk back to FrostyJack and will be back to sell this toon a week from now

(GaryJ1 Hunan) #9

Can I make a reservation

(Kap Kann) #10

today marks the day the Kap Kann reached 14 days old. Character is up for sell once more! @GaryJ1_Hunan, are you still interested?

(4th Place Loser) #11

11.0 b

(Kap Kann) #12

Sold! Looks like you came in first this time, @4th_Place_Loser ;D

(4th Place Loser) #13

Do you want isk and acct ID now or you are waiting?

(Kap Kann) #14

I’d appreciate both right now(:

(Kap Kann) #15

Send me an in game mail of your acc ID

(4th Place Loser) #16

Isk and acct ID sent.

(Kap Kann) #17

Character Transferred, thanks again, @4th_Place_Loser :smiley:

(4th Place Loser) #18

Another player is transferring the character Kap Kann to your account named **********************.

We are currently processing this transfer. The character being transferred will remain on the sender account, but will not be playable until the transfer automatically completes.

Thank you also!

(system) #19

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