Selling PVP character with 93.8 mil SP focus on pvp ships
No killrights
positive wallet

character info: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/beacon_kinnaka#6a
starting bid : 80b
B/O 99b

are you still interested?

not at the offered price anymore sorry. will pull it

74B offer


Please send details and i will start process ASAP.

please send message to the character which want to be sold namedBeacon Kinnaka

75B okay?

deal can we start trade now?

It should be trading today. I’m working on isk

i will try to email you about the message now ,please reply

have you received my email?

Please email me in person

Who am I going to give the isk to?

hello i have send you an email

named is hellokiki and the Beacon Kinnaka send you one too

I didn’t get your email. Please send me email in person. Use your forum account. I can only send it to you. If you can’t, forget it

ok i will send you message through my forum account

my friend i have send you email by rainny yang. tell me what can i do for you please

Please confirm which one role I transfer the isk to you