its hellokiki

What you told me in the email is inconsistent with your reply to the forum. Now I only transfer it to your forum account. If you agree, please tell me. If not, cancel the transaction

ok im sorry i cannot log in hellokiki in forum. transfer isk to this account rainy yang please

i logged in! finally!!! you can also transfer 75b isk to me

no matter which account you send to, transfer will start when i received your isk.

I’ll transfer the isk to rainny Yang. I’ll give you the forum account right away. Enclosed please find

i receive email named Kee Agittain is that you?

I’ve transferred the money to your forum account, rainny Yang



i havent received your money. please check again

not hellokiki nor rainny yang

wait .It will be ready soon

checked i received your money 75b
transfer will start please tell me your email which i want to transfer

Please check rainnyyang’s email for the account I need to transfer

i received an email has transfer account information from Kee Agittain. It is your name right?

i am doing this now!~ i will tell you asap after everything done


looks like ccp’s server has some problem i cannot log in eveonline website

thats really a pity. Seems like ccp has been attacked. i cannot log in any account now ,even cannot log in www.eveonline.com Its 1:08am now. could you please let me have 6 hour sleep and i will try again at 7:00am?I am wishing your comprehension