WTS 12M SP Chimera/Wyvern sitter with books etc

12M + SP
Jump Cal 3
mixture of capital support and shield skills
lots of books
high security status

Starting bid of 7B

Buyout - Make me an offer.

auctions ends on Sunday at 21:00 GMT

Skills pw: 12345

7Bil. how much b/o?

i’d take 10b right now?

8 B/O?

i’ll let it ride for now, will get back to you on sunday

8.5 B/O

10 Bil B/O

11 B/O

accepted send isk with account information for transfer. thanks :slight_smile:

OK Please send back a confirmation mail and I willsend the isk to you asap.

replied ingame with conformation

OK I send the isk to you already

When do you want to start transferring

i will transfer now, sorry been at work

done thanks again

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