WTS 13.4 mil SP Specialist L4 Burner Mission Puller/Runner

Selling myself : 13.4 mil SP Specialist L4 Burner Mission Puller/Runner


Trained specifically to max faction/LP from missions and to fly:

Machariel - L4 missions
Malidiction - Angel/Sisters Arcs
Garmur - Burner Teams
Daredevil - Burner
Drake - L2-3 missions

Factions - Sisters of Eve 6.32 (solid LP ISK returns), Guardian Angels 8.18 (Angel faction in Curse.)

Current LP 364K Guardian Angels and 29K Sisters of Eve.

Positive wallet
No kill rights
Currently located in Jita 4-4 in highsec
Currently in NPC corp

Min bid 12 bil - anything lower is a lovely free bump.
Buyout 15bil , bids welcomed.

Bump. Make an offer!

8 Bil

My offer is still valid…

Will decline offer of 8 bil, def worth more than that imo.

And bumpity bump, bump!

9 Bil

And bump again, to the top!

----- retracted

9,5 B
Final bid.

No thank you Trixx.

Pull burners for Angels and Sisters of EVE.


Another “retracted”, people drunk bidding?

and another bump…

Last bump. No decent offers and I’ll just repurposed this pilot.

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