WTS - Level 4/5 Mission Runner - Cal-Navy, Gal-Navy, Sisters of Eve (5.2SP)

This alt is basically a Level 4/5 mission runner.
I grinded all three major corps

The Skillboard link only shows UNMODIFIED standings.

These are the modified standings
8.66 = Gallente - Federation Navy to Level 5
6.59 = Caldari - Caldari Navy to Level 4
5.06 = Sisters of EVE - Level 4

Other Empire standings to consider
Amarr Empire = + .14
Minmatar Republic = + 2.49
Gallente Federation = + 2.3
Caldari State = + 1.02
ORE = + 2.79

The character never participated in any Tri-Glav stuff, so can travel anywhere a new character can.

As far as Ship DPS he’s good for the following common ships
Gila at 615DPS with Rapid Lights + T2 Drones all T2 Fit.

Praxis at 881 DPS with Rapid Heavy and Faction Sentry Drones, with T2 fit.

The value is in saving the Grind for the major factions and a decent mission alt. I’m trying to reduce the number of characters I have in order to focus on Exploration now.

B/O = First 3B Buyout takes.

Best and happy holidays.

3b isk

Adjusted buyout to first 3B


bumb - Still available.

Merry Christmas


Lowered buyout to 3B to move character.

3B Ready

No comment.

BDSM Slave


3B Ready

Fair enough… Go ahead and send ISK to this character along with what account you’d like him transferred to. I am in California and will transfer as soon as notified.


ISK and Name sent.

I’m online now and will transfer within a couple minutes… Cool acct name…:0)

BDSM Slave


Done… Account transferred. You should get an email shortly… email RASKOS if you need anything, he’s the account I’m currently playing.

Happy Holidays

Toon Received

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