WTS - 13.8M - Freighter/JF/Transport Ships/Intie Pilot

(Hassan Rouhanni) #1

Hi there,

I am selling my Hauler alt. He can fly Freighters and has begun training Jump Freighters. He can fly Transport ships and inties as well so he is a versatile hauler and scout in order to bring goods into Low and Nullsec.

Re-Map Available.

Password: abc

Starting bid is 6B

Hassan is a self-made man. He built his freighter business from the ground-up by supplying Nullsec entities with efficient and reliable transportation without alerting the hostiles that camp the usual JF routes. By utilizing Hisec Neutral freighting along with Cloaky Transport Ships and Wormholes, Hassan excels at offering efficient logistical transportation networks as he trains into a Jump Freighter.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to a finding Hassan a new home!

(Maladicta) #2

8b b/o

(Hassan Rouhanni) #3

Could you meet me at 8.75B to help with transfer costs?

(Maladicta) #4


Sure that’s fine, ISK and account information sent.

(Hassan Rouhanni) #5

Awesome thanks!

  • ISK received.
  • Transfer has been initiated per received account instructions.


(Maladicta) #6

Character received