WTS 13.9M Scanning, Covert Cyno, Tengu Alt

WTS this toon


Starting 7B,
B/O 10B



3hour remain for biding

Those are long 3 hours.
I really dont like the name of the toon and i actually wanted to buy a FAX but covert cynos are useful.

7,5b offer

7.6 bil

Wow, f that BS 100m increase.

ok you still want to this toons?

if you transfer isk and reply and mail me your account name to me, i will transfer toon

Sure, 8b it is. I have the ISK ready.
Could you pls confirm with Z Germans, that the toons is for sale?
Wallet is positive?
Toon is located in highsec?

Dont really care about killrights and jumpclones.

I started to biomass a character, so i will have a free slot in 10ish hours. If you confirm the missing stuff i will send ISK and account info in around 12 hours, after i woke up again, its pretty late here.

wallet positive, locate hisec !
go for it

transfer plz
im ready for transfer offer to ccp

Im sorry, but you need to login with “Z Germans” into the forum and write “I am for sale” into this thread. Otherwise i am missing the proof, that you actually own the character.

Those are the CCP rules. As soon as you did that i will send the ISK and we can finish the transfer.

i was mail your “hink Yaken” with Zgermans Toon

Mail and ISK send, im done with the biomassing, so you can start the transfer

transfer was done, plz check your slot

oh, i progressing…under CCP,
anyway payment was done, so, wait some time

Got him, everything is fine.

Fly safe.

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