WTS 131 mil SP character, 134 lvl 5 skils

Hi i am selling http://eveboard.com/pilot/Bastion_Quest He is in starter corp it just hasn’t updated.

He has 131mil SP, A positive wallet, -1.0 sec (Safe through any high sec) no kill rights, located in jita with plus 5’s in also has a mid grade slave clone in jita 4-4.

134 lvl 5 skills, bids start at 110 bil and my buyout is unknown, feel free too message me in game also.

Highlights are…

Capital Remote Armor Repair Systems 5
Capital Repair Systems 5
Fighters 5
Heavy Drone Operation 5
Sentry Drone Interfacing 5
Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration 5
Capital Capacitor Emission Systems 5
Command Burst Specialist 5
Capital Hybrid Turret 5
Tactical Weapon Reconfiguration 5
Jump Drive Calibration 5
Jump Drive Operation 5
Jump Fuel Conservation 5
Amarr Battleship 5
Amarr Carrier 5
Amarr Cruiser 5
Caldari Battleship 5
Caldari Carrier 5
Caldari Cruiser 5
Gallente Battleship 5
Gallente Cruiser 5
Gallente Destroyer 5
Gallente Dreadnought 5

Plus many more.

113 billlon

115 bil




115.5 bid noted.




Close please.

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