WTS 133 mil SP, pvp main char - sub, cap, titan


82 bit on low end, il think about it

@Riza_HR Sent you a message in game

Can do 83b

What about 84B?

ingame 85bil b/o price accepted from - Indy497 - send isk and your account info and il start transfer

Confirming price of 85B in game.
Isk sent and account name included in mail

@Riza_HR Resent you updated information in the in-game mail.
Please confirm isk was received and you are initiating transfer

@Riza_HR It has been 12 hours without any communication from you on this forum or in game. If transfer is not initiated within 12 hours I will have to assume this posting was fraudulent and contact CCP customer support.

hold your horses im not living in eve

isk recived, transfer initiated

Thank you