WTS 73.4 Mill SP Char Titan, Super, FC pilot (CLOSED)

FC Pilot/PVP pilot.

Can fly Mimitar super
Caldari Titan
And most other caps
Has the majority of indi books injected
Cap Books injected
Reprocessing injected
Wallet Has 100mill inside. Not negative.
Has no kill rights
Has 3 jump clones all in null
0-G8NO Mondoo’s production
J-ZYSZ Dichstar 4
TP7-KE Kirisaku Nardieu Memorial

He is sitting in the perimeter keepstar and in a rookie ship in a npc corp

Has a bunch of assets in asset safety after i had to extract from null worth a few billion

Any Questions ask below.


Asking 100 Bil OBO
Buyout 175 Bil

you will NEVER EVER get 100 bil or EVEN close to it for this pilot. enjoy the wait :slight_smile:

Apparently you did not read. OBO Or best offer…

given the fact how much you initially ask for (100 bil), i (and others) will not even care to submit an offer :slight_smile:

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All you have to do is offer a price if you believe it is worth less than 100 bil…

The titan skill book 6 bil. Extraction 110bil. other carrier books 8 bil So honestly its a good price not including assets just for what this toon can fly :wink:

This does not include extractor price…

Bump .


Bump Still 100 mill OBO

I’ll see your 100mill =D

Yeah lol typo no deal. O_O how about we toss this down to 60bill OBO

55B offer

55B you have a deal. This will close in 3 days if there is not a higher bid

Offer accepted Sent you an eve mail.


The situation has changed, I can only provide 53.5B now

i’ll offer 53 bil, isk ready


54Bil ready to send ISK

Char still for sale.

55 bil