WTS 135m SP good for PVP/PVE 3 race dreadnought

WTS my beloved character


3 race dreadnought can fly with T2 guns and modules can possible
No kill rights
Wallet positive
1m Free SP
start Bid: 125b
B/O: 135b

135m SP and you don’t have JDC V or Dreadnought to 4 on 2 races? You make me :nauseated_face:

Its still training in queue and you have 1m Sp to make faster :slight_smile:.
Dreadnought can fly: Gallente, Mimmatar, Amarr

120 bil

bump up

Start bid: 125b
B/O: 135b

contacted in-game

135 bil

135.5 bil

Thanks for all
This char has been sold to Shnitzel Tiras

Isk and account info sent

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