WTS 52Mil PVP/Dread Toon

Nice 2nd Toon (1 titan kill on killboard)

Some skill Hi-Lites :slight_smile:

Capital ships 4
Minmater Dreadnought 4
Jump Drive Calibration 5
Jump Drive Operation 5

Caldari Dreadnought 1
Caldari Strateguc Cruiser 5
Caldari Battlecruiser 5
Caldari Cruiser 5
Caldari Frigate 5
Caldari Tactical destroyer 5
Interceptors 5
Logistic Frigates 4
Minmater Frigate 5

Havy Assault Missiles 5
Light Missile 5
Rapid Launch 5
Missile bombardment 5
Large Projectile Turret 5
Capital Projectile Turret 4
Medium Hybrid Turret 5
Medium Project Turret 5
Rapid Fire 5
Sharshooter 5
Small Hybrid Turret 5

Comes with + wallet… Toon in hi sec…

S/B 40 bil
B/O 50 BIl


Needs a P/W to view the skillsheet

Sorry about that :slight_smile:


I’ll go 40 bil

thats a good start but too low thanks


If you have any worries about scams you can contact me through my main Rodger Rodger Rodger and will be on in an hour

Potentially sold waiting for buyer to confirm

47 Bill offer

offer accepted please transfter isk and post the account that the toon is to be transferred too

Isk transferred and account name given. Many thanks

cheers dude sorting it now will post screen conformation when done,


Transfer all completed. Many thanks

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