WTS 136m sp. fleet suport/scan. Paladin/Golem/Anshar jump freighter pilot

Suport Scan / fleet suport / good Trade/production skills
Paladin/Golem 5 . Anshar jump freighter pilot .

Date Of Birth 12.02.2013
Located in Jita 4-4
Positive wallet balance
In NPC corp
No kill rights
remap available

Start bid: 100b
BO: 130b



most likely a fake offer by seller’s alt to pump up the price. will not sale… i’ve seen this play out before. watch and learn.

Watch and learn if you whant . But its not my “alt” … Bump !!!

Maybe not an alt (who knows) but part of the same group according to ZKill.

Just do understand that it is against the rules to artificially try and up the bidding process. And this is that one part of the forums where CCP kinda has a really heavy hand.

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:face_with_raised_eyebrow: for now, we are just looking to where this Sale leeds :wink:

I see this character from my past ally. He wrote in the topic of my main Character too.
IDK he whant to buy or this some kind of “help” .
But this does not mean that I ask him to do that ,and this does not deprive him of the right to bid.
If ccp have questions about my alt or not my alt, they can perfectly see from which account are posting and where it is regionally.
(Sorry for my english)

P.S. I’m not sure yet that I really want to sell, I’m looking at how much are willing to pay for them. If the price for both my characters is 220+isk I will think about selling.

up !!!

80b offer here if the others fall through.

up !!!

daily bump!

I can pay 76B


up !!!

80 bil

85 Bil

cmon guys !!! I belive you can do it =) 100b and i sell it

up !!!

bump !!!