WTS 132m sp pvp Char Aeon, Revelation, Archon

This was my main when I started playing Eve and has become my alt over time, So there some if a comparatively small amount, of indy skills.


  • Can fly Aeon, Archon and Revelation

  • Almost perfect fleet command skills.

  • Almost perfect Logi skill.

  • All Racial Frigate 5

  • All Racial Dessy 5

  • All Racial Cruiser 5

  • All Racial Battle Cruiser 5

  • Command ships 5

  • Logistic Cruisers 5

Char status

  • Positive wallet balance
  • No kill rights
  • Npc Corp
  • Char is located in Jita
  • 2 remaps available
  • No expensive assets
  • One mid grade crystal clone
  • One training clone lvl4s
  • Positive killboard

Looking for offers for 80B+

Buyout 90bil

80B offer

The Skillboard link is not working. Maybe it is set to private Mode ?



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I’m interested in this character ,what price you want? maybe we can make a deal in a good price today.

Buyout is 90b can you come close to that?

what about 85B? or you give me your price

or 88B?

I can do 88B I’m in a good mood.

ok , give me your character name which get the isk, i will pay you in 24h,and please transfer character when the upgrades finish.

sry my wrong,this is my first time buy character ,i send you a confirm mail in game ,pls reply me the confirm mail in game

As far as I understand you must send the isk to the char being sold. Ie this char.

However char transfers seem to be suspended atm. See this thread, Character transfers are temporarily suspended while upgrades to the service are being conducted - #2

So we may have to wait until thats resolved.

yep i k, so i send the offer confirm mail to your selling character . and i mean i can give you isk after you confirm this offer ,and you just transfer the charcater when that resolved .

Offer accepted. As soon as possible I will start the transfer once isk is confirmed.

ok,i will send isk in 24h

88B isk sent plz confirm

Hi mate isk transfer confirmed.

Looks like the char transfer isnt working yet I will trans as soon it’s possible.

ok thanks