WTS 138.5 Max Ragnarok/super carrier


Sitting in a HG slave set in 0.5
sec status -2.2
positive wallet

This character has many sub cap skills, but was mostly trained over the years for max supers and capital support

Some of the many percs include

Capital RR 5
tech 2 triage
Tech 2 siege
Fighters 5
Light fighters 5
Heavy fighter 5
Advanced drone avionics 5
Capital energy turret 5
Capital Hybrid turret 5
Capital projectile turret 5
Doomsday 5
Minmitar Titan 5
Minmitar Carrier 5
Jump calibration 5
Jump fuel conservation 5
Amarr carrier 5
Amarr dreadnought 5
Blackops 5
Capital ships 5
Gallente Dreadnought 5
Gallente carrier 5

On top of all these skills is a slew of other level 5 skills that make him an amazing capital pilot.

S/B 100B, his strip value is 105
B/O 140B

This char will make someone and extremely versatile cap pilot.

Confirming in NPC corp and i’m for sale

110 bil

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