WTS 126M SP FOCUSED CAPITAL Character - Max All SUPER/Carrier, 3 Race Dread and Rorqual Pilot

Superb Capital Pilot. - Skill sheet speaks for itself.

Max Dread Skills
Max Carrier Skills

Titan Skills;
Doomsday Operation IV
Doomsday Rapid Firing IV


HG Amulet Set + Assorted +5 Dmg/Armor/Tracking Speed implants - 3B
Geno 1,2,3 and 4 Implant set +5 Cap/Armor/Tracking speed implants - 1B
Worth - 4B

Some highlights;

Capital Industrial Ships 5 + Tactical Logistics Reconfiguration 5 (Industrial Core) + Leadership Skills

Dread Skills

Amarr Dread 5
Gallente Dread 5
Minmatar Dread 5

Capital Energy Turret 5
Capital Projectile Turret 5
Capital Hybrid Turret 5

Carrier Skills

Caldari Carrier 5
Amarr Carrier 5
Gallente Carrier 5
Minmatar Carrier 5

Drone Supporting Skills

Fighters 5
Light Fighters 5
Support Fighters 5
Heavy Fighters 5
Fighter Hanger Management 5


Max Gunnery Skills (Cap Energy Turret 5) - (Cap Projectile Turret 5) - (Cap Hybrid Turret 5)

Max Shield Skills

Max Armor Skills

Max Drone Skills

Marauders 4 (20d until 5)

Starting Bid - 100B
B/O - 150B


103 bil

Thank you for the offers guys. I will consider these but i would like to leave this open for a few days first.





104 bil

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