[SOLD] WTS 80 mil sp Supercap/rorqual ready/pvp/pve character

Good day/morning/evening, gents and ladies.

WTS my main char.


Date of Birth - 2017-01-30

Skill Points - 79,747,860

Located in Jita 4-4.

I have 1 jumpclone in Delve. Also 1 in Jita.

Delve clone for subcaps. Clone price, I suppose, is about 200 kk.

Jita clone is empty.

Current imps set is

Skins also available, for each supercarrirer and subcaps. Total number is 35. Price for all is about 1 bil

Positive isks balance. No killrights, I will pay for transfer.

Now some key-points for buyer.

• Almost 80 kk sp. Positive isk balance and SS. No kill rights.
• Great armor and shield skill.Al compensation are lvl 4
• Excellent engineering skills. AWU lvl 5.
• Good capacitor and gunnery skills. Also missiles.
• All carriers are lvl 4. All fighters are t2. You can use any mother-ship or carrier or even fax. But need to train triage and logi drones.
• All frigates are t2. Except electronic attack ships, I am not using them.
• Al cruisers are also t2.
• Recon ships, interceptors, assault frigates, HIC, HAS, interdictors, covert ops, black ops are lvl 4
• Gallante and Caldari battleships lvl 5. Marauders lvl 4.
• Moros class dreadnought lvl 4 including guns, t1 siege etc. All drones except sentiies are t2.
• JDC 5, JFC 4. Cyno lvl 4.
• Almost perfect tengu. Moderate scanning skills.
• All missiles are t2 including toprs and cruise missiles.
• Proteus, loki subs lvl 4.
• All medium and small gunnery are t2.
• Large hybrids are t2. Currently training for t2 large beam/pulse and autocanons/artillery.
• Rorqual lvl 4. t2 specs for mining drones and ice harvesting drones. t2 industrial core. More than 5 minutes for PANIC module )lvl 4)
• Good building skills. 10 lines withing 10 jumps. Can build carriers, dreads, freights etc.

Starting price is 70b.
B/O 85b

Make your offers ingame, via evemail or in this thread. I am open for any dialog s but not for big price dumps.

72 bil

72 bil is current the highest bid. Will wait for more bids.

72 b accepted. Please sent isks and account name for transfer.

Sending now. Sorry for the delay, lost internet for a bit.

Isk received. Account name ? Pls sent via eve mail.

Sent by mail. Thanks!

Transfer to account *********** has been started.

Thanks for quick buy and fly save. Have fun with new toon.

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