WTS 138 m Sub Cap Focus + Nyx/Hel/Wyvern Pilot [SOLD]

I am selling myself. A great toon created in 2010

NPC Corp based in Jita. 138million skill points
A number of great skins including 2 Wyven , 1 Hel & 1 Nyx Skins
Wallet is cleared

There are some Capital Ships in Asset Safety included (est 20-30b worth)
Sec Status: 4.925144
No Kill Rights Currently

Ian Wattson Skillboard

Bids from 105b

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Unlock BUMP

100B offer

101bil buy out. isk in hand

105B offer

First offer that read the OP :smile: Your winning atm

106B offer

ok ty,isk sent ,wait char

Auction has not yeh closed, isk returned. You were winning Gengis topped the offer

106 is the highest big @gengis if there are no higher offer by reset tomorrow it’s yours

107B offer.

108b offer.

110B now

I’ll DM an offer

Private B/O Terms agreed thanks for DM please send compensation and I’ll start transfer