Wts 13m sp minmatar backbone

Selling the char: Nico Sandman
All bazaar rules apply, good wallet, good standings, no killrights, no negative records, all items found belong to owner
Intended for future pvpers, got the needed frigs/dessies/cruisers/battleships to lvl 5
make me an offer, id be very happy with 10b, but will consider good offers as well.

daily bump until Monday

back up

6.5bill offer

8b and we have a deal

morning Monday bump

daily bump

back to top

last 24 hours!!!

last 120 minutes of the sale in effect, otherwise getting iced!!! :slight_smile:


7b at least would be solid

7B i want

send iskies, char is in npc corp in hi sec minmatar space

no response from 00285… taking in offers, going once!!!

isk and email send

transfer done, have fun

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