WTS 13m SP - Scanning, CovOps Cyno, Interceptor, T2 Transport, Trader, Sansha Level 4 Agents

Typical scanning, transport, trader alt for sale. Absolutely worth his weight in gold… or shall we say his SP in ISK :slight_smile:

  • Amarr Interceptors
  • Amarr CovOps
  • Cynosural Field Theory 5 (Cov Cyno)
  • Gallente T2 Transports
  • Astero
  • Solid Scanning skills (30 days from perfect)
  • Decent Trading skills

Skillboard: https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Commander_Vizan_Ankonin
Skillboard Pass: 1234

Implants : 1 x Full +3 Set and 2 x Partial +5 Clones


  1. Positive Wallet
  2. No Killrights
  3. 4 x Clones (3 x in High Sec and 1 x in Stain NPC 0.0)
  4. Character Located in High Sec (Jita)

B/O is 11B ONO

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Throw in some offers why don’t ya!

4.5B offer

5 bil

5.3b offer

6B Offer


Still up for sale.

7.5b offerd

B/O lowered to 9.5B

Still available

offer withdrawn

I am back. how does 8b sound to you?

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How about 8.5b and we get this wrapped up quick and easy? :slight_smile:

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sure :)))

Isk and Account info sent. Lmk when the transfer started.

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Isk Received - Character Transferred - Thank you

no confirmation email yet, I will wait a bit

got it :slight_smile: thx

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