16.5m sp pvp 4 sale


Comes with a full set of Genolution implants AND 5% hardwires (Armor rep/Speed)

Cybernetics 5

Gallente & Amarr frig 5 / Astero

ALL core Engineering skills to 5

ALL subcap Navigation skill to 5

T2 Lights with ALL Drone support skills to 5

SOLID T2 Armor tank skills

Various other pvp skills already to 5

  • Triglavian apparel NOT included

13B price is firm!

Positive sec and wallet
No kill rights
Located in Jita
ALL rules apply
I receive the ISK, I pay the transfer fee

13 bil b/o


I accept your offer of 13b. Please send ISK and account info.

Im at work and wont be home until tonight (US East) at which time I will confirm receipt of ISK and initiate the character transfer. I will update this post at said time.

sending isk and acct info


I confirm ISK was sent and character transfer has been initiated.

Thanks and enjoy.

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