WTS 13m sp Super-builder indy toon

Cybernetics V w/ a couple improved plugs
2 bonus remaps still available
50k unallocated SP
Positive wallet
No killrights
NPC corp, despite eveskillboard saying otherwise
Located in Jita 4-4

B/O 12 billion

I’ll do 7b

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Nope. Thanks for the bump.

Still available.

8B final

8B final

So emphatic!


This guy is still available for all your cap building needs.

Still available.

Toon is still available.

Still available

Indy toon still available.

Still available

8.5B offer

Thanks for the offer, but I could make that if I extract myself.

You can try but you will only make approximately 5B at most. No where close to 8

9B If still available

Been traveling… Indy toon still available.

still for sale at 12bn

Would you do 10?

I’d do 11bn