[WTS] 14.2m Tengu pilot / 134k unallocated


Positive wallet, positive sec status, no kill rights. Remap available, 2 bonus remaps available.

B/O: 15.6b

  • Caldari Subsystem skills lvl5
  • Guided Missile Precision 4
  • Missile Bombardment 5
  • Missile Projection 5
  • Missile Launcher Operation 5
  • Rapid Launch 5
  • Target Navigation Prediction 5
  • Warhead Upgrades 5
  • Light Missiles 5
  • Heavy Missiles 5
  • Light Missile Specialization 4
  • Heavy Missile Specialization 4
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9b./o ?

to the top

12b maybe ?

B/O 15.6B is ok and all isk is ready
Do you pay PLEX transfer fee? because Iā€™m hurry to get it.
Is that ok?
Please replay me as soon as possible.

also interested if other sellers deal is not accepted I would like to up my offer to 16B

Isk and account name received, initiating character transfer shortly.

E: Dear xxxxxx,

You have chosen to transfer the character Isora to the account named xxxxxx.

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