WTS 140m SP carrier/FAX/dread/JF/Rorq pilot

Selling this char.
Nice 140M SP pilot.

PVP focused. Attractive Armor, Electronic, Engineering, Navigation, Scanning, Shields, Subsystems, Targeting skills.
Amarr/min Carrier V, Fighters V.

Can fly almost all cap ships as stated in topic.

See Eveboard for further details http://eveboard.com/pilot/Vida_Sangrenta

Positive sec status and wallet.
Located in hisec.
Currently in NPC corp.
Remap available Now. + Bonus.

Starting Bid: 100b
B/O: 160b
bid increment: 2.5b
Please post all offers here, may not check in game as frequently.

115 billion

120 bil

ready to sell this ASAP. first one to hit me up can buy it! in game now

B/O price agreed in-game.

ISK and info sent via in-game mail.

confirmed transfer complete!

Transfer email confirmation received. Thank you!

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