[WTS] 143m SP (10m unalloc) - Perfect Titan (Avatar) - HG Amulets

Thanks a lot for your offer. I will give @Kallivandros some time to reply, if he wants to match or outbid. Otherwise, it’s yours.

@Tessa_Teller I accept your offer.

Still for sale.

150b buyout added

I’ll buy your Skill Extractor for 397mil each. i’ll buy all that you have. please sell them to me :rofl: that’s where you are wrong in your math

Ehm, no. At the time of posting, that was the price. You don’t seem to be realizing that :face_with_raised_eyebrow: Now the price has gone up, since there’s no longer a sale on the extractors. Are you just here to troll?

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@Vesper_Orion at the time of your posting, Skill Extractor was on sale! you expect to based the value of your character based on something that CCP put on sale only for a few days? c’mon, get real!

97 billion

You challenged my math, which you failed to prove wrong. I can sell to whatever price I like, thanks for the free bump.

Thanks for your bid. I will not sell below extraction prices or I might as well extract myself.

I’ll put you out of your misery, 150b b/o. Reply to confirm and I’ll send the isk + acc info

Confirm. Send ISK pls.

ISK and account name sent in game, thank you!

ISK received. Thanks for that. You did a killer deal. Enjoy the char.

Char transferred. Thanks for your business.

@Tangarchik_Ru Not difficult you see? Another lesson learned :slight_smile:

Thank you! Definitely a great pilot for someone who needs a titan pilot, no wasted skills. o7

Highly over paid lol .Or perhaps sold ( falsely ) to an alt … … anyways i dont care or any1 does here .