WTS 15 m sp orca/exhumer/recon

im for sale https://eveskillboard.com/pilot/Kryptina
orca pilot
exhumer pilot
recon cyno ready
transport ships

starting bid 10b
buyout 18b ono
all rules apply


nice opining bid

up we go 1 more time if no more bids within next 24 hrs Lita Crendraven will win

ok up we go worth a look

still for sale

still for sale

still for sale


ok sounds good to me Drakeo Hirashi you are highest bidder if no more bids we will end this at dt

drakeo Hirashi wins
i await isk transfer and mail of account to transfer

no response from winner in game mail sent and still waiting

12 bil

well as theres been no responce from previous winner if you send isks and mail of details for transfer its yours

Isk and account name are sent

isks recived and transfer initiated 10 hr cooldown
enjoy your new character

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